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MacGuffin 3 – The Rope

From:  17.50

MacGuffin is a biannual design & crafts magazine featuring fabulous stories about the life of ordinary things.



MacGuffin 3 – The Rope: where would we be without rope and knots? That’s the question.

As a design & crafts magazine MacGuffin 3 explores the fascinating life of the object that binds together pieces of furniture, K2 climbers, redneck cars, Japanese eggs and Mars rovers. It inspires a community of flax spinners, biennale curators, bondage lovers and sailing enthusiasts: Rope. Connoisseurs from designers Bertjan Pot and Brynjar Sigurðarson to writer Arnon Grunberg and artist Françoise Grossen shed their light on something so interwoven with our lives that it deserves a magazine of its own.

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