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It was started 10 years ago by two young Dutch designers, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom. The pair had already collaborated on a succesful gay culture magazine, Butt, which had immediate impact. But Fantastic Man appeals to a much wider audience. It is applauded by the international high end fashion scene and is now distributed worldwide, available in fashion stores and bookshops.

Among the frighteningly fashionable, Fantastic Man is pretty much a cult. Fashion-magazine publishers might call it a “must-have”. Or a “must-be-seen”: once they’ve bought their copies, fans carry it under their arm, cover facing out, proud. It’s like carrying a Prada bag. It’s cool. (The Sunday Times)

The succesful magazine, which by the way has a sister named The Gentlewoman, celebrates its 10 years with a voluminous book Fantastic Man: ‘Fantastic Man: Men of great style and substance’, published by Phaidon. It was edited by long-term Fantastic Man contributor Emily King, esteemed design writer and curator, and is chock-full of the many different men whose style and intelligence have graced the pages of the magazine. Included are in-depth interviews with iconic men such as David Beckham, Tom Ford, Ewan McGregor, and Helmut Lang, all of which are accompanied by beautiful imagery from a wide range of acclaimed photographers like Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber, and Wolfgang Tillmans.

“Fully illustrated, Fantastic represents the best of the magazine ‘s archives, offering a fascinating portrait of contemporary men ‘s style and a unique viewpoint on what defines masculinity in the 21st century.”

Fantastic Man: 70 Men of Great Style and Substance has been released in October, 2015.

New Creative Now on Fantastic Man, the London based design and fashion magazine.




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