ELDORADO, the bookazine. It all started with four friends, Xavi, Santos, Dizy and Albert, packing their travel gear and surfboards and heading to Morocco. Albert Folch and Dizy Díaz came back to Spain after this trip and, like everybody would, with a pile of pictures. This pile was the beginning of ELDORADO, bookazine about travelling, aiming at capturing all the feelings or sensations involved in a journey. Recently issue 1 was published and it looks just beautiful. You can sense the sensation of conquering the wild. Eldorado is a bookazine that celebrates the sublimely aesthetic of the outdoors, seeking the intimate travel moments, the observations and the reflections, the sport and its rituals, the innate spirituality of Man against Nature.

Eldorado 1-8

ELDORADO is based on a philosophy: the world is completely explored, there are no uncharted places anymore. So the only things that make an experience unique is the intimate vision, the personal journey. It is all about the inner traveller. And: people are rediscovering the pleasure of the outdoors, seeking a disconnection from the urban life. The digital possibilities are setting us free from physical working places. These opportunities, that once only belonged to the big urban centres, are now available everywhere. Creativity has left cities and moved to a new environment. Artists, designers, creatives don’t need to live in metropolis anymore.

Eldorado aims to tell inspiring stories about beauty, spirituality and reconciliation with nature. It has the ambition to be a guiding light for all who want to follow the modern escapism movement.

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Weren’t Albert Folch on that surf trip to Morocco, then there wouldn’t have been Eldorado. Albert Folch is a true narrator in design and the founder of Barcelona-based Folch Studios, which specialises in designing concepts, brands, and narratives. Since the start in 2004 in Barcelona, Folch Studios has published a series of fascinating books and magazines. Odiseo – the magazine on urban eroticism, also in our portfolio, Metal – magazine on fashion, Ofita – on furniture and places, and FILAF, bookazine on films & books are just a few of his productions.

The award-winning studio now counts two dozen people and masters multiple disciplines including creative strategy, identities, naming, print design, editorial and publishing, websites, digital environments, transmedia storytelling, creative direction in production, audiovisual, art direction, photography.

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Eldorado started in print form, but is expanding fast, embracing adventure and all outdoor sports. The matching editorial digital platform creates a new insightful way of storytelling and gives a new depth to the featured stories. is also aimed at allowing a new reading experience within digital media that could resemble the analogue pleasures of paper while introducing multimediality, telling stories with words, pictures, videos and sounds. With this in mind, the structure of the pages echo the way you read a book of stories: you can choose to start reading the story you are most interested in and it will then lead you to the next chapter or to another story, recreating in digital the natural circularity of reading.

Visual content stands as the protagonist of the platform. As the platforms primary approach is aesthetic, travellers images are given special prominence. Typography was another essential element. Rooted in traditional typography but with a modern touch, Eldorado’s distinctive typeface, Arnhem excels in setting long passages of text. Due to its character, Arnhem, set in large size, doesn’t get lost in unusual and distracting details whilst also retaining enough personality to convey a subtle and aesthetic finish to extended texts. Helvetica Neue LT is its rational and functional counterpart. Lastly, both the blank spaces and the sporadic occurrence of other graphic elements enhance the essentiality and the importance of typography and images. The vertical structure for reading, that has a smooth transition in between chapters, is only interrupted by the off-canvas sidebar menu, allowing you to navigate through the different sections of the platform.

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In this first volume: capturing the sensations of sliding down smoking mountains on a unicycle; seeing the majestic spectacle of water shaping the Icelandic landscape; rediscovering the primitive treasures of Galápagos; being a diver traveling only across Ocean waters; riding until the end of Patagonia and meeting the last men preserving a fallen Soviet utopia; finding back one’s roots in the golden beaches of California, putting the pieces together in a surf trip to Barbados, break with your girlfriend and travelling one year alone with your bike across the endless Asia. An essay about food and the transforming power of fire, together with a tip for a unique experience in a cave house, caps the publication.

Albert Folch loves nature, storytelling and excellent visual design, and it is just that combination that makes it a true adventure. We are proud to have added it to our portfolio.

Eldorado 1-2

Eldorado Volume One
Seeking individuality, finding the universal
Designed by Folch
24.5 × 17 × 1.4 cm


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