Only three items are published and MacGuffin, the magazine with a broad and different view on product design, has won a Stack Award, the prize for the best independent magazine of the year.

As a design & crafts magazine MacGuffin 3 explores the fascinating life of the object that binds together pieces of furniture, K2 climbers, redneck cars, Japanese eggs and Mars rovers. It inspires a community of flax spinners, biennale curators, bondage lovers and sailing enthusiasts: Rope. Connoisseurs from designers Bertjan Pot and Brynjar Sigurðarson to writer Arnon Grunberg and artist Françoise Grossen shed their light on something so interwoven with our lives that it deserves a magazine of its own.

The newest issue delves into the alluring lives of the sink, the object that speaks volumes about who we are and how we live. Featuring mesmerizing inox sinks, sinks for genever drinkers, pathologists and babies, ‘kommunalka’ sinks, sitcom sinks, and bottomless sinkholes into which everything disappears. The magazine contains a wonderful series of stainless steel sinks by photography duo Scheltens & Abbenes and a short story by prize winning author Kira Wuck.



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