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Select H – Graphic Design from Spain

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Clad in white, this year’s Select H sticks to its 3-volume format introduced in its last edition, dividing the book in three blocks: Graphic Design, New Media (DVD inclusive) and Schools.Its daring, innovative design, outlined from its very first issue, Select A, offers a format which is smaller than usual, to emphasize its thickness, while every project featured is presented on a double-page spread.Select is considered a book of reference in the world of Graphic Design and an essential guide for keeping up-to-date with Spanish creativity, year after year.Contributors to Select H’s selectors team have been: Alberto Salván, Diego Feijóo, Enric Batlle, Astrid Stavro, Xose Teiga, Marga Castaño, Tavo Ponce, Gonzalo Zaragoza, Raquel Pelta, Marina Vilageliu y Hernán Ordoñez.

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