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Accidental Inventions (that changed our lives)

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Did you know that popsicles were invented by an eleven year old who accidentally left his homebrew soft drink outside on a cold wintry evening? That the hallucinogenic effect of LSD was discovered because inventor Albert Hofman forgot to put gloves on when working? That plasticine was originally used as a cleaning product for wallpaper? And that the potato chip owes its existence to an enraged reaction from a chef after he received a complaint about the chunkiness of his chips? Call them accidents. Call them mistakes. Call them serendipity. It is a fact that, although most positive inventions result from the need to improve or simplify matters, others simply happen by sheer accident or are the result of laziness, forgetfulness, absentmindedness, negligence or carelessness. This book focuses on the fascinating stories behind the world’s most important accidental inventions, from penicillin and the microwave, via Post-Its and Velcro to tea bags and the typewriter. Inventions that have dramatically changed our lives and the world around us.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-907-97613-0-2

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