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Aperture 237 – Spirituality

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Aperture 237 – Spirituality

Aperture 237 – Spirituality

Wolfgang Tillmans guest edits Aperture’s “Spirituality” issue, which features contributions by artists, scientists, and writers who examine the different ways photography has been used to represent humanity’s longing for spiritual connection and solidarity.


What is Spirituality?
Can we live intelligently if we are bound by beliefs? – By Jiddu Krishnamurti

Spirituality Is Solidarity
A philosopher and an artist grapple with ideas of faith and freedom – Wolfgang Tillmans and Martin Hägglund in Conversation

Looking for Transcendence
Photography’s quest to portray the ineffable – By David Campany

Seeing the Unseeable
How scientists made the first-ever image of a black hole – Peter Gailson in Conversation with Elizabeth Kessler

The Darkness and the Light
Santu Mofokeng’s vision of ritual and landscape in South Africa – By Sean O’Toole


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