Backstage Talks 4

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Backstage Talks is a magazine of casual, but in depth dialogues on design and business.


Backstage Talks 4

Backstage Talks 4 |In the fourth issue of Backstage Talks, you can look forward to:

13 interviews:

  • With Aaron Draplin, we talked about how he splits his time between his own projects, clients and speaking engagements—and how that ratio translates when it comes to money; as well as how he still helps people who email him about logos for their small projects.
  • With Ariane Spanier, we talked about the importance of switching things up to stay focused and motivated; ignoring the fear of the blank page and knowing which comfort zones to step out of and which to stay in, in order to stay functional.
  • With Eike König, we talked about why it is imperative to have a good relationship with the people you work with; why he wants to make designs that aren’t timeless, but mirror the current times and how he, for the sake of his good conscience, decided very early in his life that he won’t get rich. Eike also curated a booklet of his art for us!
  • With Jenna Bilotta, we talked about the design constraints that come with the enormous scale of digital products like YouTube; the designers’ responsibility to stand up against user data abuse and how the movie SE7EN lead her towards a career in design.
  • With Wade & Leta, we talked about making installations people can interact with and create their own relationship to, making crazy props and their honest and completely open collaboration as partners in both work and life.
  • With Ryan Singer, we talked about how to get to the root of a problem in order to find the best solution and how to evaluate what is the right thing to design.
  • With Sagi Haviv, we talked about how a good logo doesn’t say much on it’s own and is never a love at first sight, but it has to have some magic to it.
  • With DesignStudio’s founders Ben Wright and Paul Stafford, we talked about the importance of good studio culture and how to foster it between offices located across three continents.
  • With Sharp Type’s partners Chantra Malee and Lucas Sharp, we talked about the business side of running a type foundry; the challenges of communicating licencing and whether a typeface can ever be original.
  • With Naresh Ramchandani, we talked about how it is for a writer to be a partner at Pentagram, where all partners lead their own design team; why strategy is a crucial first step and how he uses his advertising skills to promote environmentally conscious consumption.
  • With Martina Pauková, we talked about how you can easily get trapped in your style; observing mundane, everyday life and connecting with creatives across the world. Martina also made a custom illustration for our back cover!
  • With Zuzana Lednická, we talked about the pros and cons of working for creative institutions and how “target audience” is not really that important, because you can never fully predict the reactions to your work.
  • With Petra Do?ekalová, we talked about the role of signage and lettering in branding as well as placemaking and how is the old craft doing now.

NEW SECTION: The hidden gem of Central Europe

As our magazine matures, we want to keep looking out to the world, but we also want to address our Central European roots and show everyone what we are proud of. That’s why in this issue you will also find a gallery of works by a Slovak graphic design legend Miroslav Cipár

4 Opinion Pieces:

  • Kris De Decker writes about how web designers’ choices can be aesthetic as well as decrease the energy consumption needs of the Internet and the environmental damage connected to it.
  • Eli Altman questions the romanticization of failing. Dramatic changes make failure feel worth it but you can still have that same change, without the drama, if you reflect on your business and address vulnerabilities every day.
  • Milan Šemelák looks at how “innovation” became an empty buzzword making companies waste resources on changes that make no sense and suggests three essential qualities the change has to have in order to really move a company forward.
  • Martin Jen?a explains why clarity should always be the main goal of design.

2 Identical Questions for 6 Great Designers:

What triggered your steepest learning curve so far? What skill should designers always keep improving? Read the answers from designers we admire across different fields and ages: Paula Scher, Tony Brook, Michael Wolff, Scott Belsky, Helen Rice & Josh Nissenboim and Alejandro Aravena.

Backstage Talks is a magazine of casual, but in depth dialogues on design and business. Our decisions shape and influence this complex world—to have a chance to make the right ones, we need to talk.

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Backstage Talks 4

From: € 22,00
Backstage Talks is a magazine of casual, but in depth dialogues on design and business.