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BranD 21 – Her-liday

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‘We are living in a data era where cooperation is taking place among different fields that were once irrelevant with one another. Therefore we see integration between human nature and culture, along with the gradual weakening of the differences between masculinity and femininity. Such unity of human nature has been blurring the gender culture and brought about diversified modern design styles. The trend of femininity and the awareness of women’s value are signs of a more advanced and colourful society and culture. At the same time, it has become a new driving force in the development of modern graphic design. People’s aesthetic criteria are now not based on the rational science, and an era of diversified sexuality is drawing nearer to us.
In the foreseeable future, the development of graphic design and even the entire visual culture will no longer be based on the dichotomy of female and male. Instead, design symbols will have their own meanings and ways of expressions from a diversified cultural perspective with a broader horizon and a more tolerant mind. Under the context where masculinity and femininity are harmoniously dissolving into each other, the future design is bound to break the old rules and embrace a more wonderful world.’

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