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BranD 35 – Life Manual 1

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BranD Magazine is tailored for both established and emerging Design professionals around the world.


BranD 35 – Life Manual 1

BranD 35 – How can graphic design save lives? Reading BranD 35 – Life Manual 1 which themed as Design for Survival. Design is a mirror which reflects the development of our society. People always say that design can change the world, and we also firmly believe it, so, can graphic design save lives?

BranD 35 is the one that states about graphic designers overturning the mediocrity, designing for survival, and rethinking the relationship between graphic design and human beings. Designers’ ideas are intriguing and interesting such as the first-aid kit, survival equipment and so on. The most important thing is that designers saved some fragile lives in the disaster. They studied the multifunctional design brand to discuss the new media behind the sustainable design. Or to change waste into treasure? And to design the multifunctional poster……

Designer’s creativity was embodied into them and the life was decorated; The optionally combined small cards and a handicraft embroidery magazine talking about feminist, these interactive new medium make us have more ways to feel the novelty and interest of this world; Life is originally repeated, but with the colorful entertainment as accessories, the original simple things will become more inspiring. Using the simplest material to portray the colorful life like the Ikea shopping bag and the board game used for proposal.

BranD 35 is reflecting this upcoming graphic design new trend to redefine the function of graphic design, say good bye to mediocrity and redefine the meaning of a graphic designer!

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