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BranD 36 – Life Manual 2

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BranD 36 – Life Manual 2

BranD 36 has the highest artistic value ever, even Muji, Alessi and David Hockney are applauding for it. BranD Issue Life Manual 2: Creativity Heat is BranD’s last issue of 2017, which always has a variety of intriguing cultural and creative products.

As the last issue of 2017, we always think about what can be applied to commemorating every moment of 2017. The contribution of MUJI, the Italian luxury brand ALESSI, and a South Korean popular illustrator Kimi on Instagram are highly appreciated, they all give BranD magazine the warmest applause.

It is a blessing for us to see David Hockney’s artworks–one of the most influential masters of today’s international painting world, as the last and significant part of the entire magazine, and I think this issue has the highest artistic value in the history of BranD.

This issue comes with a “Budapest Hotel” postcard designed by a Philippine designer Mark Francisco, which is the carrier of our life as we hope! Due to the cumbersome printing process, the cover production lasts for one year (2017-2018) to some degree, and the printing techniques difficulty is being challenged. For instance, the production of the book jacket is a big challenge to the printing and post-processing team.

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