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BranD 38 – Handmade Printing

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BranD 38 – Handmade Printing

BranD 38: We always thought that handmade printing had withdrawn from the stage of history, while in fact it has staged a comeback. With regard to printing, we have discussed craftsmanship and colors, and invited 11 guests to share with us stories about them and the press. The facts that they are in a terrible fix or on top of the world with printing have deeply infected us.

The depiction of fascination with printing can not be lengthy, but if we want to return to the beginning of the heart, to experience the charm of printing through both hands, it must be handmade printing, so we discussed letterpress printing, Risography, wood-block printing, bookbinding and paper. Those printers which brought to us temperature and studios that brought surprises have shown us many possibilities for creativity.

BranD feels much grateful to Noritake, illustrator from Japan, for designing the exclusive BranD 38 cover “print master”. Hope you will be one of the “print masters”!

Also featuring, among others, Press Matter, Bananafish, The TOPress Letterpress, Ink’chacha, Retro Insatsu Jam and other niche print studios unveiling little secrets about printing.

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