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BranD 42 – Nice to Meet Art

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BranD Magazine is tailored for both established and emerging Design professionals around the world.


BranD 42 has 2 covers. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee a specific cover at the time of the order.


BranD 42 – Nice to Meet Art

BranD 42 | BranD adopted “Nice to Meet Art” as the theme of this issue. We have been exploring design before this issue. Actually design and art are two different concepts. Design will sublimate to artwork with a certain extent, but a design is more about solving problems or meeting demands, which is full of indelible commerciality. Therefore, a good design is a carrier for information, and a method of communication, no matter how wonderful it is.

Must-buy Reasons:
1. Abundant artworks and interviews of big shots in art circle: Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami and Tadanori Yokoo, etc.
2. A huge gift poster;
3. Noctilucent cover, gleaming with 3 colors after being irradiated in the daytime;
4. Artworks of famous Chinese designer Hai Huang are included;
5. Two different versions of covers with works from German artist Marc Majewski.

Softcover / SIZE 225 x 295mm / PAGES 200

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