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Brownbook 53

Brownbook 53 – Offices

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Brownbook issue 53 clocks in at the workspaces of the Middle East and North Africa

From Berlin to Beirut, this issue of Brownbook makes an appointment at four very different offices in order to examine the complexities and pleasures of modern-day office life. Offices and what we do in them all day (and night) are what make the modern Middle East function. Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, the workspace layouts that are most common today are as varied as our professions: from the prosaic modular cubicles that compartmentalise workspaces, to the trendy open-plan offices and the at-home studios.

It’s the relationships we have with these physical workplaces that can alter our productivity, and that can, in turn, lead to either professional success or struggle. The right workplace can often feel like a second home – somewhere in which we socialise, succeed and perhaps even shut out other troubles. The wrong workplace, however, can become a sore place to visit, where our attendance is the result of pure necessity – to pay rent, bills and, in general, survive.

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