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C41 Magazine is a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art from all over the world

C41 Magazine | We tell stories, we talk about photography, design, and creative communities. Through the objectives of our spectators, we tell the stories. Each of the paper publications revolves around a single topic, chosen starting from a reflection on the contemporary world.

C41 Magazine goes beyond the simple level of visual representation. C41 always goes in search of fascinating and interesting imaginaries, looking for a deeper meaning of a story and the way it’s told. We analyze deeply the stories that are presented to us, we don’t look at mere representation, but on the method by which it’s communicated.


Current issue 7 of C41 Magazine revolves around one word: Bellissimo. Nowadays the common standard of what is beautiful has radically changed. Time ago beauty was related to a concept of absolute perfection. In this issue C41 questions the meaning of objective beauty. “Is beauty in the eye of the beholder”? C41 wants to tell stories of beauty researchers who come from the most varied fields.

We have collected several points of view from different personalities, we have gathered the voices of numerous photographers and visual artists called to express their point of view on the theme Beautiful through pictures, interviews and words. Jackson Bowley, the photographer of the new cover, took us to reflect on the meaning of objective beauty in the world of fashion, talking about a contemporary beauty, full of subtle references to the past. Bowley, focuses on the importance of photographic archives, which allows to keep a material memory of what happened. We interviewed Carl & Katharine Kostyal who in different ways, are both in constant search for beauty. We entered the house Pozzati, where through an interview with the the daughter and son of Concetto, Maura and Jacopo, we analyzed their point of view about a life lived in order to create and search for beauty. We have collected numerous points of view and different facets about the topic. We talked about the beauty of the heat, the cold, the chaos, the unusual and the new through the eyes of many photographers and visual artists (Maurizio Annese, B612 Studio, Aleksey Kondratyev, Emily Stein, Stefano Cerio, Jiaxi Yang, Andrea Chronopoulos, Elisabeth Hogeman, Ronni Campana, Ashley Armitage, Kamisalak, Catalina Kulczar, Jacopo Benassi, Marco Arguello, Emilie Thalund, Maria Teresa Salvati).

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