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Cactus 2

From:  29.00

Cactus is a publishing project focusing on fashion, photography and the visual arts. With the belief that the imagery is the most suitable instrument to inspect contemporaneity, Cactus deals with visual culture making seriously fun of it, with a stimulating and provocative attitude.



Cactus 2 – Geeky-bold magazine focused on the visuals

Featuring: Alice Rosati, Alina Asmus, Andy Massaccesi, Bruna Kazinoti, Davide Meneghello, DR. ME, Ed Fornieles, Estelle Hanania, Fanny Latour Lambert, Feng Chen Wang, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Ivo Sekulovski, Louisa Gagliardi, Lowe H Seger, Lu Yang, Luca Campri, Malika Rayeva, Mattias Bjorklund, Mauro D’Agati, Miho Kajioka, Nadia Zehra, Paul Jung, Piczo, Renato DAgostin, Yann Faucher.  With the contributions by Alessandro Benetti, Andrea Severt, Marta Franceschini, Martina Motta, Sabrina Ciofi.

Second Issue / 240 pages / 24.5 cm x 31.5 cm / Offset printing / Paper Arctic Volume Ivory 115 gsm, Serixo offset 120 gsm.

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