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CollectibleDRY 5 – Nomadic Roaming

CollectibleDRY is the Italian magazine for international readers who want to look at the world through an Italian point of view: made of beauty, style, culture. It means connecting modernity with tradition, making future interacting with memory. Try a subscription.
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CollectibleDRY 5 – Nomadic Roaming. An Artificial Editorial on Nomadic Experience

CollectibleDRY 5 – In an issue that tries to explore the many facets of nomadism, from roaming thoughts to international wars and the melting pots of culture, genres and sexual experience, we felt our readers might appreciate a little temporal nomadism too. So we reached back into our future archives, curious to explore a slice of the tomorrow mankind is building today through developments in virtual, augmented and artificial realities. And while our editorial is fiction, the questions it addresses will soon be adding complicated twists to our shared human reality.

Cover picture by Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica, starring Hirschy styled by Sayuri Bloom

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