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Crafts 272

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Crafts magazine is the only British magazine to cover all craft forms from studio work to public commissions from modern experimental work to traditional and historic designs.


Crafts 272 – The May/June issue of 2018

Crafts 272: Inside, we launch the first power list of British craft – an attempt to find out who the most influential people in the field are, from writers to makers, collectors to curators. To do this, we invited 30 leading experts to nominate five names each in descending order of importance. And the results proved to be both fascinating and a cue for conversation and debate. We hope you’ll join in using #CraftsPowerList.

Also in Crafts 272, we meet Intoart, a pioneering Peckham-based collective breaking down the barriers facing artists with learning disabilities, celebrated ceramists James and Tilla Waters show us round their bucolic workshop in rural Wales, and a trip to the studio of Mackinnon & Saunders, the puppet-making company whose credits include Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox.

Plus: Esther Freud on her new play Stitchers; our guide to this year’s London Craft Week; Tanya Harrod ponders a turn to textiles in contemporary art and
leading makers and artists offer advice to the next generation in our annual Graduates Special.

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