DAMn° 3

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Guerillas in the Mist: round-up of the 51st Venice Art Biennial
Space Search: Honoré d’O and the evolution of Belgium’s official representation in Venice (1)
Orgy of the Ordinary: Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s contemporary folk art archive
Fat House Talking: the work of sculptor Erwin Wurm (2)

Boom Goes Bust: examining the impact and value of the latest generation of museums
Superstar’s Revenge: does the combination of Jan Hoet & Frank Gehry make the MARTa, Herford the new Bilbao? (3)
A Sexy Lantern: Herzog & de Meuron’s makeover for the Walker Art Center, Minneaopolis
Unusual Dwellings: Punch Mbhele’s home; part fish part helicopter (7)

What gets us going: UK design studio PearsonLloyd
On Heaven’s Door: Doors of Perception 8, innovation network in New Delhi
The Shape of Things to Come: members of the international design community share their highlights & predictions
Liberating Form From Matter: Massive Change: The Future of Design, a multidisciplinary project from Bruce Mau and the Institutes without Boundaries
A Walker in the Landscape: Giulio Ridolfo and his chameleon career of textiles and colours (4)
DAMn° Fine: DAMn° pays cheeky homage to Joseph Beuys and Erwin Wurm in its interactive installation at Berlin’s Designmai event (5)

Cable Jewellery: Bless No.26 takes fashion to work (6)

The Big Bird: Penguin Books celebrates its 70th anniversary

Red in Black and White: Gerrit Messiaen’s documentary portrait of Lucien Hervé, pioneer of architectural photographer (8)

America on Fire: Marc Goldchstein’s impression of the Burning Man festival in Nevada (9)

AGENDA: what’s up and where

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DAMn° 3

From: € 15,00