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DAMn° 58 – EUtopia

From:  15.00

Starring in DAMn° 58: Christo + Jeanne-Claude, Felice Varini, Walk&Talk festival, Azores, Claude Parent, James Wines, Jonathan Muecke and Lampens, Daan Roosegaarde, Georg Baselitz, DAMNº’s EUtopia in London, Studio Drift and Gaggenau. Amongst others.
Also: A Manifesto by Massimo Bottura – Special: OFFICE and INTERIEUR 2016



In September DAMn° 58 is representing the Belgian flag during the first edition of the London Design Biennale in Somerset House.

The theme is ‘Utopia by Design’, stimulated by the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s magnum opus. ‘Utopia’ was first published in Leuven and thus has a profound link to Belgium.

More also visualised Utopia in a map, in the shape of a human skull. DAMnº 58 launches an updated Utopian map by Belgian artist Benoît Van Innis: a hand-printed lithograph, with limited edition posters available for purchase called ‘EUtopia’.

Just as More visualised the contemporary society 500 years ago, DAMNº asked Van Innis to recreate a Utopian map for 2016. This at the very moment EU citizens use ‘Europe’ as a synonym close to dystopia, an imagined place in which everything is unpleasant, bad, and goes wrong…

The original litho of Benoît van Innis’s artwork will be incorporated in a block of rough Belgian Blue Stone and presented as a monument in EUtopia. The drawing also graces the cover of the upcoming issue; DAMnº 58, a homage to Sir Thomas More.


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