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DAMn° 60 – New Surfaces Special

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DAMn° is an international (re)view on contemporary culture. The magazine is an independent publication with open-minded views on the interchangeable worlds of design, architecture and art.


DAMn° 60 – New Surfaces Special; January/February 2017

DAMn° 60, the January/February 2017 edition, focuses on the work of Dieter Rams, Didier Faustino, Gregor Hildebrandt, UMWELT, Bas Smets, Thomas Thwaites, Eames Demetrios, Alain Biltereyst, Barbara Jakobson, Mary Reid Kelley, Todd Bracher, and many others. And in our special section on New Surfaces, you’ll also discover the latest trends in floor and wall coverings.

Thomas Thwaites’ hilarious and fascinating GoatMan adventure culminated in an Alpine stint that has been chronicled in a new and delightful book. Read more about his attempt to “first make people laugh, and then make them think”, which includes some of the more outlandish speculative design projects ever seen on the subjects of biology and the post-human.

For some years now, DAMN° has been gently prodding Dieter Rams to write an update to his 10 Principles of Good Design. Since it is difficult to improve on perfection, however, Mr Rams has instead chosen to pen this ‘not a manifesto’, offering DAMN° readers his experienced insight on the design needs of today and tomorrow.

Also in DAMn° 60 Didier Faustino. He likes the interstice between different things. As an artist and architect living between Paris and Lisbon, he embraces a pluralistic approach to working across both disciplines in a fluid, transversal manner.

Berlin-based artist Gregor Hildebrandt has been playfully linking aspects of conceptual and minimal art with his personal life and his experience of pop culture. Not only has the experimental use of audio and video tape become his signature, but in the post-analogue digital era of internet art, his oeuvre stands out.

Besides all of this we have checked the trends and identified the latest floor and wall coverings of note, also extending the focus to include acoustic properties. All in all, these are the most cutting-edge innovations out there and you find them in DAMn° 60.

On the cover of DAMNº 60: Eugeni Quitllet, 2016, A tribute to Dieter Rams / “I’m just showing the soul of Dieter Rams through my own design. That’s the magic of the thing! His calculator is in the shadow… It’s a techno-poetry object.”


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