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DAMNº 62 – Special Light

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DAMNº 62 – Special Light. DAMn° is an international (re)view on contemporary culture. The magazine is an independent publication with open-minded views on the interchangeable worlds of design, architecture and art.



DAMNº 62 – Special Light | May June 2017

In DAMNº 62, we have shed some very bright light on the works of these illustrious designers, architects, artists, and other makers: Emmanuel Tussore, Peter Shire, OS ? OOS, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Ron Gilad, Stefaan Dheedene, Tarik Al Zaharna, Gillian Wearing, Oron Catts, and Piero Gandini. And the special section of DAMNº 62 is all about light!

OS ? OOS attempts to find the balance between form and material, as well as relating these elements to the surroundings and the user. Most of the designer couple’s work is situated somewhere between industrial design and the pure, autonomous object. Ultimately, the contemporary pieces they create are rationalised to provide them with purpose.

Emmanuel Tussore assumes his duty

To realise The Aleppo Project, Emmanuel Tussore carved 1617 blocks of the city’s legendary soap, creating an installation evoking the destroyed houses and lives in Aleppo. In short, he used  the  oldest  soap in the world to tell the world about the cruelty of war.

Tussore’s geopolitical installation was on view at A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds, an exhibition curated by DAMN°, situated alongside Mosca Partners at Palazzo Litta during Milan Design Week. It is now on tour.

Gillian Wearing behind the mask

Over the past two decades, London-based artist Gillian Wearing has made films, photographs, and sculptures that investigate public personas and private lives. DAMN° spoke with Wearing on the occasion of her current show in London.

DAMNºs special on LIGHT

Discover lighting created by Simon Heijden, Formafantasma, Neri Oxman, Sabine Marcelis, Philips, and many others in our LIGHT special. Included is the story of an artist who works quite literally with the perpetual beauty of light by applying natural phenomena; designers that capture the cosmic glow, create glimmer, and impress with profound installations; companies that pursue the most advanced technology to achieve the most intuitive products and effects. And finally, there’s the inspiring manifesto written by the CEO of FLOS, Piero Gandini, entitled The Light we Need.

Cover image of DAMNº 62: Aleppo Soap, 2017 / Studies by Emmanuel Tussore. Narrating the cruelty of war, Tussore carves into blocks of the city’s emblematic soap — developed in antiquity as a symbol of refinement, it is the oldest soap in the world.

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