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Design 360° Magazine 82 – Curating Design

From:  26.00

Design 360° is an allround design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes.


Design 360° Magazine 82 – Curating Design

Design 360° Magazine 82 – Curating Design

Curation can be distant for many designers. Moreover, the system of curating design has not yet completely and maturely formed, and it seems to be a little too early to discuss this subject. The reason why Design 360° sets it as the theme of this issue is that we hope people can notice the influences and significance that curating design brings to the industry.

Curating design is much more than just curating one exhibition; it is a way and action to reflect on the present situation and generate consciousness. It puts design in a larger context and observes how design affects people’s life from the perspectives of culture, technology, society, economy, etc. Different from commercial projects, through curating — a way that connects concepts and physicality, designers can set their imagination free. Therefore, curating design can help break people’s stereotype towards design. Through the discussion of this topic, editors hope to enhance the awareness of the necessity of curating design together with readers.

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