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Design 360° Magazine 83 – Art Book Fair

From:  26.00

Design 360° is an allround design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes.


Design 360° Magazine 83 – Art Book Fair

Design 360° Magazine 83 – Art Book Fair | In recent years, large-scale art gatherings, which are called art book fairs, emerge at home and abroad. From London, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore to Beijing and Shanghai, art book fairs always gather publishing agencies, independent bookstores, artists and art book lovers from around the world.

Originally, art book fairs were just places at which subcultures such as non-mainstream art cultures and youth cultures were spread. However, the countless number of people that flooded into these art book fairs makes them no longer a mere“non-mainstream” force. Therefore, this issue of Design 360° explores the hidden vigor behind art book fairs and the reflection on this era revealed by them.

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