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Design 360° Magazine 84 – Special Issue

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Design 360° is an allround design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes.


Design 360° Magazine 84 – Special Issue

Design 360° Magazine 84 – Special Issue | In the increasingly complex and prosperous industry, the launch of an annual design award is what Design 360° finds it necessary to respond to today’s industry and social development. There is no lack of design or even good design, but of careful review and systematic guidance of design. By giving a design award open to the public, Design 360° hopes to break the convention of editors’ selection, but invite all designers to participate in the reviews and reflections on the developments of design in the year.

Award360°100 Annual Design Award (Award360°) selects 100 design works of the year (100 Design of the Year) with an aim to review the design ecology of the year and provide valuable design thinking for people’s life and industry. Award360° includes 15 professional categories this year: Branding of the Year, Poster Design of the Year, Typography Design of the Year, Book Design of the Year, Packaging Design of the Year, Recording Package of the Year, Creative Product Design of the Year, Environmental Graphic Design of the Year, Cultural Promotion Design of the Year, Creative Multimedia Design of the Year, Spatial Design for Brand of the Year, Illustration of the Year, Concept Design of the Year, Social Design of the Year, and Innovative Design of the Year. In addition, Award360° also offers two categories for the young design power, i.e. Graduation Work of the Year and New Talent of the Year.

After adjustment, Award360° comprises three major awards, namely, 100 Design of the Year, Best Design of the Year, and Grand Prize, along with Graduation Work of the Year and New Talent of the Year. 100 Design is selected from the above 15 professional categories; Best Design in each professional category is selected from 100 Design; and Grand Prize comes from winners of Best Design. Among the 100 selected works, this year, Award360° has 11 winners for Best Design of the Year, 6 Graduation Work of the Year, and 3 New Talent of the Year.

Award360° is a way for Design360° to present its own perspective and thinking to the industry. It pays more attention to the influence the work can exert on the surroundings as well as the thinking and courage behind. Also, Award360° is our desire for and pursuit of more fresh blood of design, more independent thinking of design, and more diverse possibilities of design.

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