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Design 360° Magazine 87 – Place-making design

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Design 360° is an allround design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes.
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Design 360° Magazine 87 – Place-making design

Design 360° Magazine 87 – Place-making design | “Cultural innovation” is becoming a buzzword in various industries these days. People start making cultural creation products from their local traditional culture, and since regional development is getting more attention, the demand for active products and brands from local cultures is also gradually increasing. However, in many cases, such creative products easily fall into a superficial understanding of traditional culture or a shallow appropriation of traditional images. So when we discuss about how to capture the core of local culture and represent it with design and creativity, the vast but vague concept of “culture innovation” might have become insufficient to describe the essence of the matter. A new concept called “Place-making design”, on the other hand, may offer designers a more delicate and substantial direction guidance in their exploration.

In this issue, we invited designers from various regions who use design and creativity to explore the characteristics of a certain place so as to vitalize its charm. In their eyes, local culture and traditions are not disengaged objects or images. They pondered about the historical and social background behind these cultures and traditions, traced the characteristics of the place, and eventually extracted its unique personality. Through the understanding and discussion of “Place-making design”, Design360° hopes to find a breakthrough in the thinking of objects that merely aim to sell, so that more cultural projects and products can find the key to vitality.

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