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Design Anthology 19 – The International edition

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Design Anthology is Asia’s quarterly magazine for interior design and more. ‘As an independent publisher, we have created the type of design magazine we want to read’.


Design Anthology 19 – The International edition

Design Anthology 19 – The International edition | “Before I co-founded Design Anthology, my career, like many others, travelled along often-dimly lit, winding roads that forked and turned and twisted. I spent my early career in the textile industry before eventually moving into what I felt was my destiny and my dream job: interior design. I had no idea that the universe had one more option for me…

As an interior designer, it helps to have clarity of vision when it comes to your own aesthetic. Although good taste and an educated eye are not enough to cut it in this industry, I think my weakness was that I liked too many styles, never happy with one particular look, and ultimately wanting to change my own living space time and time again. In hindsight I have enormous respect for designers and creators who know what they like, and what they’re good at, and stick to their guns.

In a roundabout way, I think this best explains the choice of homes (and stories) in each issue. I’m often asked what a D/A home looks like, and it’s always a difficult question to answer. The process for me has always been intuitive; I react emotionally to spaces. We aren’t just trying to feature modern and minimal spaces, or a particular ‘look’. What appeals to us, and hopefully to our readers, is a space that is personal, thoughtful and artfully curated — for want of a better, less trite word. I’ve never been one for homes and spaces that look like they belong in a showroom catalogue. I want to see personality. I want to see real design.

I hope this explains the mix of homes in our annual international edition. From a wildly eclectic apartment in Paris to a sparse architectural home in Tokyo, each of these five homes is unique — and couldn’t be more different — but is immensely appealing in its own way. I hope you agree. And of course, we’ve brought stories about creators, beautiful destinations, developments in the art world, and emerging architects who are making a splash. As always, we hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.”

Suzy Annetta

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