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Design Anthology 21 – The Summer edition

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Design Anthology 21 – The Summer edition

Design Anthology 21 – The Summer edition | ‘I grew up in an idyllically sleepy coastal town in southern Australia, a short walk from a beautiful beach. But from a less-than-perfect childhood was born the want — rather, the need — to make everything around me ‘perfect’, and a love for all things design was born. Despite our closeness to the water, I was one of those weird kids who spent far too many hours inside reading — and drawing and designing my dream home. Though these hermit tendencies persist, so too does my ingrained connection to the ocean, so it should come as no surprise that my idea of a perfect holiday involves a beach. I’m certainly partial to an urban getaway, but as fulfilling as it can be, it’s hardly relaxing.

Our annual summer edition has become one of my favourites because it combines my two great loves: beautiful interiors and waterside locations, and this one is no exception. Of the five homes featured, I’m most familiar with the landscape of the Sandy Point residence by Melbourne-based practice Kennedy Nolan, since it’s closest to where I grew up. Perhaps as familiar for other Antipodeans is Bali, where emerging Indonesian architecture firm Patisandhika has designed the bold but beautiful home of local creative Dan Mitchell. While Geoffrey Bawa is probably still the name that springs to mind when you hear the words ‘Sri Lanka’ and ‘architect’, Palinda Kannangara’s design of a musician’s weekend retreat in Galle is evidence that he’s working to change that. Further north in India’s Goa, architect Ini Chatterji’s wall-less home has us dreaming of living closer to nature, and finally, on a recent trip to the Burmese capital I was charmed by creative entrepreneur Ivan Pun’s colonial-style bungalow and his curated accumulation of objects.

As usual, we have so many more exciting stories to share with you from the worlds of art, design, architecture and travel. My wish for you this summer is that you find somewhere warm, hopefully by the ocean, where you can relax and page leisurely through this issue.

Happy holidays and happy reading.’

Suzy Annetta

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