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Extra Extra 13

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Extra Extra ‘nouveau magazine erotique’ is a magazine for erotic encounters, drawn against a vibrant urban décor. Sensual modern life, curiosity and exaltation come together.


Extra Extra 13

Extra Extra 13 | Pure pleasure: Extra Extra 13 is in full swing as the unspeakable hours of summer linger ever so slightly on. Enter the beautiful imagination, dreams and wonders of dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart, who shares her thoughts on bodies daring to embrace unknown forces with Susan Gibb.

Meanwhile, be transported into the vessels of others with Justin E. H. Smith in his feature essay. Or follow the rhythm of brega musicians and dancers in Recife as explored through the lens of brilliant artist-duo Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca in conversation with Matteo Luchetti. Then why not join critical thinker Armen Avanessian and his long-time friend Anja Aronowsky Cronberg as they meet in Berlin to share glimpses of friendships and explore intimacy as a valid alternative to love.

All this and more in Extra Extra 13, which will have you floating from Tangier to Recife to Taipei while delving into the rhythm of the city itself.

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