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Extra Extra 2

Extra Extra ‘nouveau magazine erotique’ is a magazine for erotic encounters, drawn against a vibrant urban décor. Sensual modern life, curiosity and exaltation come together.
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Extra Extra 2

In the second issue of Extra Extra we talk with the legendary film director Catherine Breillat about her latest film, Abus de Faiblesse, and we travel to Fire Island where artists AA Bronson and Carlos Motta talk candidly about queer rituals, intimacy and mortality. You can’t really say you have been to Berlin if you haven’t been seen and snapped at one of the city’s many nightlife spots by the amazing photographer Maxime Ballesteros. So we invited him to share some of his photo’s.  The renowned Tokyo based architecture firm Atelier Bow-Wow dreams of building a house for a secret mistress. Stylish duo Petrovsky and Ramone’s venture into photography is a wonderful melange of poetry and symbolism, so please turn to page 46 for an exclusive photoshoot. In the volume of 168 pages we are proud to present the work by the American artist Lisa Yuskavage as well as the humorous paintings of Tala Madani. In Vancouver and Mexico City we experience hot stories with Vanessa and Arturo. Extra Extra also explores the streets of Douala, Antwerp, and Los Angeles. The Urbex opens doors in Brussels that would otherwise remain closed; what is hidden behind the cluttered facades of this administrative metropolis? We hope you enjoy this latest issue of Extra Extra.

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