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Extra Extra ‘nouveau magazine erotique’ recently launched its third issue, 176 pages of sweltering stories and images from around the world. Introducing a new segment ‘EXTRA EXTRA Musings’ and even more interviews and shorts than before, this issue contains contributions by some of the most desirable cultural producers we know.
Extra Extra talks with Berlin-based musician Planningtorock about her crooning dark voice, eclectic style and her album All Love is legal with a beat you can dance to; at the bedrock of Los Angeles’ film industry Musso & Grill we spoke with canonical filmmaker Kenneth Anger about Scorpio Rising and Lucifer Rising, shorts that make your retina tingle. Extra Extra explored the breathtaking Istanbul districts Beyoglu, Samalimescit and Taksim with thrills and longing awaits you. The renowned New York based film director Ira Sachs speaks with great sensitivity about desire, deceit and one night stands. We are proud to give the floor to the brave uncensored nudity photographer Ren Hang has captured in Beijing and the emerging avant-garde duo Synchrodogs who expose the raw, naked and utterly sincere work of two lovers. Armen Eloyan brings us to a world of gritty and cartoonesk underground sexuality and Kati Heck laconically paints enchanted mundanities. Extra Extra’s Urbex leads us this time to Sao Paulo, a city of hidden desires and outbursts of public sexuality.

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