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Eye Magazine 97 – Special issue Part 2

From:  27.00

Eye Magazine covers the ever-changing nature of the design profession, and the relationship between practioners in the world of the many media and the multimedia.


Eye Magazine 97 | Special issue Part 2 with a wonderful cover by Tom Gauld

Eye Magazine 97 –  Special issue Part 2, gets a little meta and turns its focus onto its own field – that of magazine production. This is the second part of a two part special dedicated to the printed ‘designed experience’. In part two we get to chat with David Driver, art director on Harpers Bazaar, The Times and Radio Times. Further: Nora Krug’s graphic memoir explores the impact of the Second World War on German families; Front matter: an innovative website that tells the story of the Palestinian people in their own words; Fontstand pioneering with an innovative way for graphics students to make work with professional quality typefaces, and Serge Ricco, creative director of l’Obs, has shown this word-driven, left-wing French weekly the power of expressive type and images.

Also: Michele Outland co-founder of Gather Journal, Kate Hepburn about her work on Spare Rib and Job Van Bennekom about Cos magazine and shop favourite The Happy Reader.

Cover by: Tom Gauld.

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