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Fantastic Man 11 – Mr. Wolfgang Tillmans

According to the semi-annual menswear fashion magazine Fantastic Man life begins at 30. – Here is another collector’s item: issue 11 – Mr. Wolfgang Tillmans.
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Fantastic Man 11 – Mr. Wolfgang Tillmans (Spring/Summer 2010)

Fantastic Man 11 – Mr. Wolfgang Tillmans | This issue of FANTASTIC MAN, the gentleman’s style journal, has much to commend itself. Its cover shows the artist WOLFGANG TILLMANS on the eve of his major exhibition this summer at the Serpentine Gallery in London. Also featured are ALEXIS TAYLOR of the pop group HOT CHIP, the legendary specimen of masculinity FABIO LANZONI, who was photographed by TERRY RICHARDSON in Los Angeles, the passionate pianist KONSTANTIN SHAMRAY and the celebrated Vanity Fair journalist BOB COLACELLO.

These extensive profiles sit alongside an array of fashion proposals for summer holidaying, including one very memorable series shot on the nudist beach of Maspalomas, Spain. The entertaining front part of this issue of FANTASTIC MAN includes a review of a particularly long escalator in London, a fashion test involving various cargo pants, and a short but fierce debate about the merits of the Egg McMuffin, a breakfast offering from a big fast-food chain.

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