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Fantastic Man 14 – Raf Simons

According to the semi-annual menswear fashion magazine Fantastic Man life begins at 30.
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Fantastic Man 14 features the phenomenal fashion designer RAF SIMONS on the cover, photographed at his home in Antwerp.

Other interesting men profiled in Fantastic Man 14 include the magician DAVID COPPERFIELD, the interior decorator RICKY CLIFTON and the London-based chef YOTAM OTTOLENGHI. Plus the brothers FABIO and FAUSTO COVIZZO, who keep Milan’s fashion scenes secure with their safeguarding eyes.
The remainder of Fantastic Man 14 is full of absorbing stories and photographs of some gloriously useless PAPERWEIGHTS. You can also find a 37-page fashion reportage inspired by the men of Beijing, a lavish fashion series focusing purely on the ELEVENTH LOOK, plus conversations with KIM JONES, DIRK SCHÖNBERGER and JOHNNY MARR, the guitarist of THE SMITHS.

This issue of FANTASTIC MAN also sees the unveiling of five incredible short ice-skating movies that directors LERNERT & SANDER made especially for the magazine.

Autumn and Winter 2011268 pages.

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