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Fantastic Man 5 – Mr. André Balazs

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According to the semi-annual menswear fashion magazine Fantastic Man life begins at 30. – Here is another collector’s item: issue 5 – Mr. André Balazs.


Fantastic Man 5 – Mr. André Balazs (Spring/Summer 2007)

Fantastic Man 5 – Mr. André Balazs | Hotelier ANDRÉ BALAZS, photographed by TERRY RICHARDSON, greets us from the cover of FANTASTIC MAN No. 5. His conversation with ALICE RAWSTHORN is just one of the many captivating exchanges within. LANVIN’s menswear designer LUCAS OSSENDRIJVER leads us through Paris, giving us some insight into his incredible personal style. Another acclaimed Parisian, the completely legendary CLAUDE MONTANA, is interviewed in his final year at the house that bears his name.

Also featured in this issue is photographer DAVID BAILEY. People interested in fragrances should definitely read the profile of biophysicist and perfume critic LUCA TURIN, while readers with a tighter budget will find solace in the great yet affordable dressing style of illustrator PETER JEROENSE. Overall, the fifth issue has quite a Dutch flavour, particularly as photographers MAURICE SCHELTENS and LIESBETH ABBENES provide a groundbreaking series of stunning images of plain but perfect WHITE SHIRTS.

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