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Flash Art 327

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Flash Art breaks new boundaries with each issue. Featuring articles and interviews on new and emerging artists who will one day be the stars of the contemporary art market.


Flash Art 327 – Issue September/October 2019

Flash Art 327 | This issue of Flash Art, published during a crucial moment, looks toward the visual arts and the transitions the art world is currently undergoing, with the aim of giving voice to those who are often questioned by the very same systems of division and control.

These last few months of global geopolitics and history have highlighted once again the delicate moment in which we are living. Over the past three years, almost four now, we have witnessed a global crisis due to an overabundance of information and a plurality of vision that, nonetheless, produces uncritical and “simplistic narrative,” (James Bridle, New Dark Age, 2018). Our lack of control over technology has contributed to the resurgence of nationalism, homophobia, and ethnic division — meanwhile the average temperature of Earth’s surface continues to rise and global biodiversity, instead, falls.

Also featuring in Flash Art 327: Candice Breitz, Meriem Bennani, Marianna Simnett, Elysia Crampton, Too Old to Die Young and essays by Pierre Bal-Blanc and Monique Roelofs. A selection of excerpts from Intervista, Flash Art’s side publication on visual culture in the late 90’s.

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