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Flash Art 328 – No-Body

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Flash Art breaks new boundaries with each issue. Featuring articles and interviews on new and emerging artists who will one day be the stars of the contemporary art market.


Flash Art 328 – No-Body | Issue November/January 2019/20

Flash Art 328 – No-Body | This issue of Flash Art, with essays by Dorothea von Hantelmann and Isobel Harbison, dedicates sixteen-pages dossier to the work of Rebecca Horn, a pivotal figure of performative art, and develops a series of reflections on a younger generation of contemporary artists who are now using their bodies or their personas as agents in an attempt to recognize themselves in a present that increasingly rewards the loss of self-consciousness.

Also in this issue Accelerationism, absence, failure, art objects, dance, club culture, protest, are crossed in the conversations with artists such as Aria Dean, Brendan Fernandes and Jimmy Robert. Anne Bean by Maria Elena Buszek, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’s by Sam Dolbear, Marta Minujín’ by Pierre Bal–Blanc.

Cover: Rebecca Horn, Paradise Widow, 1975. Photography by Rebecca Horn. © 2019 Rebecca Horn by SIAE 2019.

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