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GREYBOOK Volume III – The Philosopher’s Style (cover 1)

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GREY is a coherent, consistent, and rigorous biannual hardcover fashion publication, free of gossip and superficiality.
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This special edition of GREYBOOK—“The Philosopher’s Style” by? Beatrix Ost—is nothing less than a curious and unique life of wisdom ?and art beautifully transmogrified into a book.

Beatrix is a self-declared “Ambassador of Peace.” To that, Valentina Ilardi Martin, the Editor-in-Chief of GREYBOOK adds: “Beatrix is a Philosopher first; then an Author, an Artist, a Designer, a Decorator, a Stylist, a Mother, a Sister, a Lover and a Muse. A friend to many and an enemy of none.”

Short stories and interviews
“The Philosopher’s Style” by Beatrix Ost presents 80 new and unpublished short stories and interviews. The short stories are philosophical and fantastical, nostalgic and sharp. The interview subjects represent the range of humanity that is the intrepid and empathetic web that Beatrix spins. This book is both a lifetime in the making and just another adventure from one of the most unique women to roam amongst us. It is truly a gift.

“The Philosopher’s Style” features conversations with Andrew Solomon, Ari Seth Cohen, Brandon Stanton, Eric Goode, Frederique van der Wal, Giles Duley, Marietta McCarty, Peter Marino, Rose McGowan, and others. The book also includes over 40 short stories of fantastical wisdom and new photography by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style.

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