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Harvard Design Magazine 18 – Building Nature’s Ruin?

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Harvard Design Magazine probes beyond the reaches of the established design disciplines to enrich and challenge current discourse.



Harvard Design Magazine 18 – Building Nature’s Ruin?: Realities, Illusions, and Efficacy of Nature-Sustaining Design (Spring/Summer 2003)

What is relatively certain about human-induced climate change and its present and future effects? To what extent does the making and use of the built environment contribute to climate change, species extinction, and other environmental degradation? What would it take to lessen this degradation, and how much could it be lessened? It is too late to make a significant difference? What role can and should design and planning have in sustaining nature as we have known it? How effective is existing “green design” in architecture and landscape architecture? How can effective green design become the norm in the making of the built environment? Scientists and designers address these and related questions here.

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