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Harvard Design Magazine 21 – Rising Ambitions, Expanding Terrain

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Harvard Design Magazine probes beyond the reaches of the established design disciplines to enrich and challenge current discourse.



Harvard Design Magazine 21 – Rising Ambitions, Expanding Terrain: Realism and Utopianism (Fall/Winter 2004)

Harvard Design Magazine is committed to fostering critical understanding of the designing and making of the built environment through the examination of its underlying values and its place within larger social and cultural forces. In Harvard Design Magazine 21, eleven leading designers and critics step back from contemporary practices to evaluatively characterize their major attributes. Each answers questions on: most important current issues, best recent projects, overrated projects, designers’ power and influence, the impact of design on daily life, designers as environmentalists, designers’ new roles, design education, and design’s place in our market economy. In addition, essays appear on Alvaro Siza, Charlotte Perriand, fear in American land use, recent attempts to rekindle modernism, and several other topics. Harvard Design Magazine 21 is offered for your intellectual stimulation and engagement.

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