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Harvard Design Magazine 34 – Architectures of Latin America

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Harvard Design Magazine probes beyond the reaches of the established design disciplines to enrich and challenge current discourse.



Harvard Design Magazine 34 – Architectures of Latin America (2011)

This issue is dedicated to presenting and analyzing the work and surrounding cultural/political issues of the architectures of Latin America judged to be of most merit and interest by a faculty committee at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Their sense was that much of this work had not yet received sufficient attention and acclaim. They were adamant that the issue in no way imply that Latin American architecture and culture were one kind of thing: in fact, a goal of the magazine is to dispel stereotypes and conventional opinion, to seek for diversity. This is the first time that Harvard Design Magazine has published projects for their own sake, outside the context of a writer’s broad argument. We hope you enjoy this more visual material taking its place among our more familiar critical essays.

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