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Hypebeast 21 – The Renaissance Issue

From:  27.00

Hypebeast tries to explore a different side of fashion and design. So, that means there are a lot of issues to come. Hypebeast 21 – The Renaissance Issue features Reginald Sylvester II.


Hypebeast 21 – The Renaissance Issue | Cover story Reginald Sylvester II

Hypebeast 21 – The Renaissance Issue: there are many who bemoan this generation’s lack of originality in an age full of never-ending remakes, revivals and tributes. Somewhere in between the latest classics remake and nth superhero movie due out this month, our generation of creatives have managed to define themselves in a very distinct manner.

Hypebeast 21 – The Renaissance Issue is dedicated to the new class of creatives born from a world where nobody is ever too far away – a world where our collective voices give rise to new ways of thinking. The ways in which we are connected and linked to each other are previously unheard of – ideas, voices, and individuals in constant flux have created an open arena where we often have the freedom to define who we are and what we do.

The Renaissance Issue is filled with individuals who are reshaping traditional industry standards. Our cover story, Reginald Sylvester II, is a painter whose foray into fine art makes him one of the youngest exhibiting artists in the world of fine art. He speaks to us about the challenges of being so young in an industry full of old hands. Justin Saunders is one of the pioneers of the Internet creative – he reminisces on how he first started and how he got JJJJound from a simple blog to the full-fledged branding power it is today. Places+Faces joins us with their unique take on current culture and chime in on what it’s like to document the stars of this particular era in time. We have BROCKHAMPTON, whose myriad collection of skilled individuals come together to create a streamlined, formidable operation which covers all the bases of creating a presence in the music industry, beyond just making music.

We clearly exist in an age of uncharted waters where new identities, platforms and ideas are being formed every day. The new world created by digital connectedness has made us more tuned-in to each other than ever before, rendering our chances of being heard finally equal to our freedom to speak.

Hypebeast 21 is an ode to the times we live in: unpredictable, ever-growing and without limit.

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