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i-D 352 – The New Fashion Rebels

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i-D has developed into a glossy magazine that documents fashion and contemporary culture, and has broken ground defining it too. Issue 352 has five covers featuring Cara, SZA, Dave, Jazzelle and Kaia.


i-D 352 has 5 covers. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee a specific cover at the time of the order.



i-D 352 – The New Fashion Rebels Issue

i-D 352 – The New Fashion Rebels. This issue has five covers featuring:

Cara Taylor: Inside, we take a look at the most exciting designers in New York right now. “New York City is my biggest inspiration. It’s energy, culture and counterculture. Coach’s roots in the city guide the attitude of our girl and guy. An effortless ease, a lighthearted spirit, a sense of freedom. This is what Coach is about.”

SZA: A platinum album. A sell-out tour. An endorsement from Barack Obama. Five Grammy nominations. Zero Grammy wins. It’s been a wild few months for SZA. As she’s shot for the cover of The New Fashion Rebels Issue, we asked Solána Rowe to tell us, in her own words, what now?

DAVE: ”It’s not on me to save the world, it’s on me to make music that makes people happy. I’m just trying to have fun.” Streatham wunderkid.

Jazzelle: is more than just a model. She’s a movement. She’s a rule-breaker. She’s changed the game. For our summer issue, the unconventional beauty icon discusses her journey from bullying to breakout fashion star.

KAIA: Teenage dreamland. Teenage riot.

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