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Kinfolk 21
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Kinfolk 21 – The Home Issue

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Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine published by Ouur that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family.


Kinfolk 21: The Home Issue

Kinfolk Issue Twenty-One: Within the pages of the fall edition of Kinfolk, the home becomes more than the sum of its walls and floors, chairs and wallpaper—more than a collection of objects. We delve deeply into the very nature of home, exploring what’s hidden, unseen, mysterious and sensual asking, “What have we forgotten, or overlooked, in the rituals of our daily lives?” In turn, the home and everything it contains are not merely ends in themselves, but the complex elements of each person’s evolving and deeply personal narrative—the foundations of a well-lived life.

On Kinfolk

Founded in 2011, Kinfolk – published in Copenhagen, Denmark – is now a leading independent lifestyle magazine for young creative professionals and also produces international editions in Japan, China, Korea and Russia. Published quarterly, Kinfolk maintains a vibrant contributor base from Copenhagen to Cape Town and hosts hundreds of global events that bring the community together.

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