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Kinfolk 36 – Movement

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Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine published by Ouur that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family.


Kinfolk 36 – Movement | Summer 2020

Kinfolk 36 – Movement | This summer, learn how to put the poetry back in motion with Kinfolk 36. The Movement Issue explores how rhythms fast and slow keep our lives moving forward, and celebrates the exceptional individuals using movement as a vehicle for physical prowess, self-expression and social cohesion.

We’ve always produced issues of Kinfolk quite far in advance of publication. Sometimes, this is an inconvenience: the weather on our summer fashion shoots can be unseasonably cold, or trees don’t always have the right number of leaves on them for a spring issue. Fortunately, it means that we had largely completed production on Issue Thirty-Six before travel bans and lockdowns changed the way that magazines get made. Hopefully, the shoots in our new issue—which take place on sand dunes, volcanic rock formations, marsh lands and tennis courts—conjure tentative excitement for a summer spent outdoors.

But even before the restrictions imposed by the spread of COVID-19, we were thinking about movement as being about much more than just sports and exercise. The people profiled in this issue all think about motion in unusual ways: Choreographer Marion Motin finds inspiration in minute rhythms—even the sound of her dog eating from its bowl; conductor Roderick Cox treats it as a tool for communication, commanding whole orchestras with often just the flick of a wrist; and birdwatcher Jason Ward reminds us of the sheer joy of watching the natural world move, even when we’re sitting still: “Immediately, I’m like, it’s not so bad… I’m not moving anywhere, but these birds are putting on a show and I’m enjoying it,” he says. (From the editors of Kinfolk)

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