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Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 4 – 2017

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Lürzer’s Archive is undisputedly the international magazine most wanted by people in advertising and photography.


Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 4 – 2017

Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 4 – 2017: adam&eveDDB, London and photographer David Gill. are responsible for an ad celebrating Harvey Nichols’ rare jewelry collection, featuring a northern bald ibis wearing an equally rare tanzanite necklace.

The main interview, titled „I’m not sure anyone is born loving advertising – or, if they are, I don’t trust them,“ is with Richard Brim, ECD of adam&eveDDB, London. The digital selection this time around was done by a team of CDs at AKQA Sao Paulo, namely Hugo Veiga and Diego Machado. In the headline to their interview they claim: „The best advertising is non-advertising.”

As for the editorial content, you will find 106 print and poster campaigns and 63 film campaigns.

Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 4 – 2017

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