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Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 5 – 2017

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Lürzer’s Archive is undisputedly the international magazine most wanted by people in advertising and photography.


Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 5 – 2017. Cover created by JWT, Amsterdam.

Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 5 – 2017: JWT, Amsterdam is responsible for the cover of this issue. They created a visually exciting campaign to announce Food Exhibitionism, an event celebrating the many ways in which food is a vessel of culture and societal trends.

The main interview was conducted by Hermann Vaske, who spoke to the multiple award-winning creative and remarkably devout Christian Jimmy Smith, founder of the Amusement Park agency. Our judge for the Digital section in Vol. 5-17 was João Coutinho, North America Executive Creative Director at Y&R in New York. The interview with João expresses his belief that “New York is the world’s purest expression
of diversity and equality.”

Plus: 86 print and 54 film campaigns from over 30 countries.

Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 4 – 2017

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