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My Liveable City April/June 2019

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Urban Informality refers to a dimension of the city that is more spontaneous, temporal and ever changing, and also more marginalised, residual and ordinary, compared to the formal and institutional means of city making.


My Liveable City April/June 2019 | Landscape & Infrastructure

My Liveable City April/June 2019: this special issue on Landscape and Infrastructure focusses on the relationship between the two subjects, both of which are of great importance in the exploding cities around the world. While urban infrastructure is a must for connectivity (be it of persons or many utilities like water, energy and telecommunication), it is too often being achieved at the cost of the landscape. Yet, this “collateral damage” can be avoided if design of cities is thought of integrally.

This issue on Landscape and Infrastructure shows us — through provocative articles and examples from around the world — how not only can this “collateral damage” to the landscape be minimized but also how the qualities of landscape can be enhanced while creating new infrastructure in cities.

As always, articles have been included from several countries in the world, including Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, China, Netherlands and India.

Recommended reading for all working in the broad field of urban development.

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