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My Liveable City October/December 2018

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My Liveable City October/December 2018 is showing us that well-managed Urban Mobility is a necessity for successful and inclusive cities.


My Liveable City October/December 2018 | Urban Mobility

My Liveable City October/December 2018: Well-managed Urban Mobility is a necessity for successful and inclusive cities. Sadly however, it is particularly in the new cities of the emerging economies often also a cause for spatial injustice, environmental degradation and deaths and injuries due to traffic-related accidents. Road traffic injuries cause nearly 1.25 million deaths every year globally. That is almost 10 times the numbers killed on battlefields in wars around the world! The real war with millions of deaths is in fact being fought on the streets of our cities!

This special issue shows ways to organise Urban Mobility in a different way, in which urbanisation is not developed pandering to auto-mobility, but streets are returned to their rightful owners – the pedestrians. Articles from countries as diverse as Spain, Colombia and Nepal; Kenya, Netherlands and India show how more inclusive cities can be created emphasizing the dignity of walking! Old concepts of urban design combined with new disruptive technologies and ideas of shared economy show a way forward towards cities where the ubiquitous automobile will become a transportation mode of the past.

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