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Nomad 2

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Nomad seeks to take new stances. It offers views on a wide range of standpoints: personal and economic, cultural and global. This means that the magazine covers a wide range of subjects, in which design, social and lifestyle issues are inspirationally juxtaposed with questions on designing the future.


Nomad 2 takes you to the most diverse range of places around the world and touches on subjects such as design, society, business and travel in various ways.

Nomad 2 takes you to Khartoum, the central transit point for refugees from the whole of Africa, where Matthias Ziegler and Michael Obert visited. Wolfgang Tillmans grants us a sneak peek at his very personal diary entries about the Brexit referendum. “Political Youth” by Robert Ormerod portrays young Scottish politicians and their motives for getting involved. We discussed Nation Branding with Ben Knapp from Saffron Brand Consulting. The articles on “Stattmann Neue Moebel” and the fashion label “A Kind of Guise” reveal how unorthodox methods can still enjoy a great deal of success in the industry. And a travel essay on Iceland takes us to a truly magical place. These and many more articles can be found in Nomad 2 – Although they may be completely contrasting accounts – they are still all as equally true as each other.

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